The Way Out are a band out of Brisbane. We are primarily influenced
by garage rock. The New York Dolls, The Stooges, The Velvet
underground etc. What appeals to us about those bands is their
simple, basic music. Mostly using blues scales, relying on riffs
rather than complex chord progressions and musically having energy and
impact. As well as being influenced by more experimental bands that
still made heavy music like Black Sabbath and Jane’s addiction, but
also influenced by bands that understood the place of harmony and
lyrics, such as the Hoodoo Gurus, Big Star, Love, and The Beatles

Lyrically, as well as garage rock the way out are influenced by the
lyrics of shane McGowan from the Pogues. As well as the latin poets
of ancient rome. Catullus, Martial, Ovid, Juvenal etc. Both McGowan
and the latin Poets avoided metaphorical or symbolic language and
wrote in simple verse, describing things in direct language. The
latin Poets were extremely critical of the corruption and
pretentiousness of their world and the simple verse they used made
this criticism more potent. In this way they have been an ongoing
influence on The Way Out.

The Way Out try to write in a way that brings lyrical content to the
listener. We try to take a song and use it to express the deeper
feelings one has about their world, something that seems to be rare
these days amongst contemporary artists. To place value on content
but also on wit. To be critical of the world as it is presented
today, but for the most part, to have a sense of fun about it.

The Way Out are focused on writing and working in the studio, we don’t
tour or play live lately and we intend to place more effort on the
writing and recording process as time goes on.